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The Warrior Journal #2

Written by Kim


Posted on May 26 2023

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Building A Sustainable Fashion Business

The Warrior journal is our log book, our place to offer tips and advice about living life with balance, through healthy and informed choices. 

We are going to use this journal, not only to tell you all about our journey to create a sustainable business… But to reflect on what did and didn't work, what we have learned along the way and adventures we have had. If you are thinking of starting a sustainable business, we hope you can use our journey to reflect and help you on your own path.


And finally, we will share with you our thoughts and guidance on how to find your #warriorstyle... Whatever that may be!

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Our Journey #2

What does ‘Sustainable’ mean to us?


Sustainability is the buzzword for the fashion industry, whether it is the true eco warriors fighting for sustainability in reality or the big guys green-washing their marketing campaigns to be seen to be doing the right thing… The crunch is, it is the right thing, it is the way forward for the fashion industry… and the planet in general… so the message is correct… We now need to work hard to provide the reality… and we need to do it together.

Sustainability represents the way forward to a healthier and happier planet, and therefore, healthier and happier people.

For us, Sustainability has a lot to do with changing fast fashion as learned behaviour… It's about re-educating people to understand that slow fashion should be the norm… and not the niche for business.

Sustainability is about appreciating clothing, buying for longevity, versatility and forward thinking design. Even if that means having to spend more, that spend is justified by specially designed and higher quality garments.

Value shouldn’t be placed in cheap mass produced, throw away items that are past their best after a few wears. Value should be placed in the businesses that are truly making the effort to source eco-friendly fabrics. They are not mass producing, and they have a genuine sustainable mission that they are acting upon.


Helped along the way by our sustainability guide, guru and friend, Selina @recloseted, who we recently featured in our ‘strong women - real women’. We have also been inspired by many strong women out there doing what they believe in. Women like Victoria, @sustainable.stylist, who we recently had the privilege of hearing from at our Embroidery Range launch in February. Two amazing women with so much passion for sustainability in the fashion industry.

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Creating a truly sustainable brand is a journey, built on strong foundations, with sustainability as a focus from the very beginning. Even if the steps to perfection are slow… they will be steady and focussed.


Our sustainability stats, at this stage:


  • We reduce fashion waste by creating our clothes with Longevity & Versatility of style and function, we don't do seasonal.

  • We don’t mass produce garments - our embroidery range is all made to order, and the core range is produced in small exclusive quantities.

  • We use eco-friendly and sustainable fabrics - for us these are degradable, recycled and recyclable fabrics… all much better for the environment.

  • Currently, our core range is produced in the UK, reducing our emissions footprint and ensuring our garment workers are paid a living wage.

  • We have intentionally sourced and now work with like-minded production partners - these are companies that also have sustainability at their core.

  • We have designed our clothing to make you feel great. They are more expensive than common household names… but 5 thousand other people will not be wearing them. You are not giving your money to a corporate empire, you are supporting a small independent business… you are helping kick fast fashion in the nuts… and you are going to feel like a warrior wearing this range!


We are at the start of the Wild Warrior journey, we would like it to grow so that we can do more... We aim to team up with charities like 1% for the planet, Or have a carbon offset partnership like a plant tree with every purchase… and we will get there… our dreams are big and we will work hard to make them come true and do it in the right way 🙂


Our journey is at the beginning… we hope you can support us and help us reach our destination!

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Core Range Launch


On the run up to our Core Range launch we have been truly putting our clothes to the test… by doing a range of sports and activity.

Here are a few snaps… and more  to come!


We also had a blast at our Core Range Launch Party!

Thank you to all who attended… it was a great night full of strong, inspiring women! We will be sharing more from the event soon…


Got photos to share?… send them here, or tag us @wildwarrior

women doing yoga wearing wblack wild warrior top and leggings
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women sailing wearing wild warrior gold wings hoodie
women with tattoos doing yoga
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Building a Rebellious Business

Next month:

Why it’s part of our mission to create a bad-ass sustainable fashion brand.

Fashion is creative, it is a way to express ourselves, make a statement and show our individuality in daily life…

(anything you want to hear about… drop us a DM or email)

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