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Written by Kim


Posted on May 10 2024

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Welcome to our monthly feature ‘Strong Women - Real Women’

Here we will showcase incredible women, who are out there living their passions… working hard for their beliefs and finding their own life balance. No matter the scale or the speed… they are always moving forward with positivity.

We believe that we can support and empower one another, through shared strength, respect and recognition.

Real Women are Strong Women… They are our inspiration.

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Let me introduce Tatum…

I met Tatum at a lunch in Malta and we realised right away that we have so much in common, from sustainable fashion and sustainable living, to the love of food, sea and octopuses :) I just loved her and her energy… What she doesn’t know is that I was amazed at her multitude of talents, her artistic spirit, her kindness and her courage! Together with her husband they were about to embark a 5 year sailing journey from Malta to Australia! How amazing is that?!

In the next few months our friendship grew and I learned more interesting things about Tatum that made me think ‘‘Wow she is a Strong Woman!’’
Some of my favourite stories of Tatum, that she didn’t mention in her answers, are:

  • She decorated her own wedding with decorations made out of paper, her wedding bouquet was made out of music sheets, so gorgeous!

  • She cycled 1000 miles across UK from John O’Groats to Lands End with her husband and dog Milo, you can see the whole trip on the cutest insta account @joglewithadogle

  • She was a finalist at The independent Handbag Designer Award in NYC with her sustainable handbags that she designed and made herself.

Check out more of her story below, give Tatum a follow on her socials, and if she is sailing in your end of the world make sure to say Hello she is one of a kind and will brighten your day :) I definitely miss having her in Malta.

Lots of love,

Alex xxx

Name: Tatum

Location: The ocean, I live on a 40ft Catamaran called Nautilus with my husband. We jumped off the corporate ladder and onto our boat nearly 3 years ago and we haven't looked back!


Personal: IG @watermarksailing


women with warrior cap sailing boat


I live a very nomadic life, in the last 6 months we've sailed to 12 countries from Malta in the Mediterranean, to St. Barts in the Caribbean, where we're currently anchored, via Italy, Spain, Gibraltar, Cabo Verde, Barbados, St Lucia, Dominica, Martinique, Guadeloupe, Antigua & Barbuda. Part of that journey was a 16 day crossing of the Atlantic. When I'm not sailing, I'm running my digital design agency, We Interact.

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What do you have passion for?

Sustainability and ocean are definitely my passions. We called our sailing adventure Watermark sailing as our aim is to leave nothing but a mark in the water like foot prints on the sand. We are mainly propelled by the wind, we use solar to make most of our power and all of our water is desalinated from the sea. Where possible I avoid plastic at all costs, be it packaging or in my clothes, which is why I love Wild Warrior.

sailing boat

Sports you practise or would like to try?

Though the water has always been my happy place, most days I'm swimming, snorkelling or working on my free diving, the moment my toes hit the water I feel the days stresses drift away. When I need more centring yoga is my go to, occasionally on a sup which is a little less meditative. I'm also trying to get into wing-foiling, which is definitely a full body workout.

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women paddleboarding at sea

Things for your soul… where or how do you find your Balance?

You've probably already guest it, but the ocean and nature are definitely where I feel my best, a long swim or walk always make me feel better, sometimes boat life can be very sedentary, so it's important for me to get moving.

What do you do for fun?

When I'm not in the water, I love to read, I'm a total crime fiction junkie, that said Memoirs of a Geisha & Shantaram are two of my favourite books. When I was a land person I did a lot of oil painting and designed & made leather handbags, unfortunately neither of these are boat friendly activities, so I'm trying to become better at water colour painting and designing & making my own clothes and swimwear.

How would you describe your personal style… your #WarriorStyle?

Boho eclectic with a hint of salty wind swept sailor.

We are: 


What 3 words describe you ?

Feisty - Caring - Creative 

women sewing on machine with dog next to her

We are strong by supporting one another… 

Do you have any positive advice, or words of wisdom for your fellow strong women?

Always follow your dreams and your heart. It's such a cliche but we really do only have one life, but we can have many goals, dreams, passions & versions of ourselves. What you're doing now, who you are today is not what & who you always have to be. In my 40 trips around the sun, I've been a web designer, a crafter, a handbag designer & maker, a business owner and a sailor and I have no desire to stop there. I'm also a wife, step mom, sister and passionate supporter of my female tribe. Be Positive, Rebellious & Passionate but most importantly be the best version of you.

bride bouquet made from music sheets paper
leather wallet
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Find Tatum here:

on instagram  @watermarksailing 

or check out her business page

Follow her amazing adventure!


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