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Our Mission

We are here to kick up a storm with a sustainable fashion brand that is bad-ass and determined.

We will kick fast fashion in the delicates... You in?

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Positive Action


Having a positive effect on the world, through sustainable and thoughtful working practices, is at the heart of what we do.

  • We Design and produce our garments using Eco-friendly fabrics that are biodegradable, recycled or recyclable.
  • We Create our clothing in the UK with a dynamic, independent and like-minded production partner. Our high quality products are made in small exclusive quantities.
  • We Reduce fashion waste by designing our clothing for longevity and versatility, our style is strong, simple and timeless, not seasonal
  • We Support charitable partners that we trust, together, we make positive steps towards a strong and healthy future for people and the planet.
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Rebellious Style

We are rebellious and wild by nature, we like to push the boundaries and test the limits!

  • Our clothing has been designed for the warriors of today… strong women who stand up and fight for what they believe in.. work hard, play hard, fight hard... feel great doing it!
  • Strong and bold, simple and sexy, with curves and panelling in the most flattering of places…
  • We have created a range that we believe is truly Gym-to-Street. Your boobs will feel supported at the gym or jumping at a gig... your bum will look great in our squat-proof fabrics and fantastic when paired with your favourite boots and the Wild Warrior Bomber!
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Passionate Ambition

Passion is what drives us… it's the passion in you, it's the passion in the people around us, it’s the passion we feel when we think about the future. Passion is being determined, it's being strong and ambitious.. Passion is laughing, loving and listening... It's belief in our actions… passion is the energy that keeps us moving forward.

  • We are passionate about being part of the movement to stop fast fashion and make the fashion industry more sustainable for a healthy future.
  • We believe in living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
  • We think that women are amazing, beautiful, strong, intelligent warriors! We see you, we support you!