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The Wild Warrior Story

Wild Warrior is the journey of two positive, rebellious and passionate gals who believe that boobs should be well supported, bums should look fantastic! and that sustainable fashion should be the norm... not the niche.

We aim to kick up a storm with an independent fashion brand that kicks-ass and looks bad-ass!


Growing up in the countryside, our adventures as kids took place in the fields and down the burn (stream), chatting to the local wildlife and climbing trees…

a strong bond was formed with nature and a deep desire to care for it.

As teenagers, music and an ambition to find unique style became fascinating and a journey from tomboy to hippy to grunge gal to goth to rock chic began… all to the beat of the music of the moment.


As young adults the balance of a youth spent outside and the pull to a faster paced urban world moved us to the city streets where the natural energy continued to drive us and careers were made that entwined elements of the natural world and a love of the people within it… our paths have journeyed through floristry, community care, retail, the music industry, fitness and even cabaret… and these are the experiences that have formed Wild Warrior.


Now, we strive to focus on the things that matter to us, like having well supported boobs, saving the world… and looking good while doing it!

But seriously… 


Wild Warrior is born from a love of wild nature and the strength of every unique woman today. We have designed sustainable and eco-conscious gym-to-street activewear for the real wonder woman of today… 


it’s for you, babe! ;)

Wild Warrior Style Woman in Black Hoodie black beanie and black leggings doing a yoga wild pose in the park
Wild warrior women in black activewear with green yoga matt and red boxing gloves
Wild Warrior Style Women in black bomber jack with wild lioness embroidery jumping up at sunset

Working Partners

Some of the Bad-ass Warriors that have helped us bring Wild Warrior to life... loud and proud to shout them out!

Garment Production

London Contour Experts

Sustainability Guide

Selina at Recloseted

Logo & Branding

Baby Giant

Specialist Embroidery

Wild & Kind


Joanna Ray