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Written by Kim


Posted on July 28 2023

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Welcome to our monthly feature ‘Strong Women - Real Women’

Here we will showcase incredible women, who are out there living their passions… working hard for their beliefs and finding their own life balance. No matter the scale or the speed… they are always moving forward with positivity.

We believe that we can support and empower one another, through shared strength, respect and recognition.

Real Women are Strong Women… They are our inspiration.

Let us Introduce, Kerri…

We met Kerri, aka kerrimajor_dietitian , a few months ago, she was recommended to us by another strong women and friend, Julie (thank you!).

Kerri spoke at our recent launch event… about her journey, what inspires her, what drives her and what she is working on.

Kerri offers a clear vision of how to find balance in daily life. She offers realistic and open-minded advice and expertise, helping create strong mindedness through informed choices.

She has recently published an awesome book  The Dietician Kitchen - Nutrition for a Healthy, Strong & Happy You  , check it out!

Name: Kerri Major

Location: Glasgow

Handles: kerrimajor_dietitian

Occupation: I work as Dietitian & Sports Dietitian, helping individuals to make more informed choices about their health when it comes to their nutrition intake. I also provide nutrition advice so individuals can fuel themselves appropriately to support their active lifestyles & optimise their overall performance. I also work as a personal trainer, supporting individuals to become the fittest and strongest version of themselves.

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What do you have passion for?

Helping individuals to achieve a healthier relationship with food and exercise and supporting them to be the happiest, healthiest & strongest version of themselves.

Sports you practise or would like to try?

I love keeping a bit of variety in my training. My week usually entails a mixture of my own strength training, CrossFit, running and yoga! A great mix of strength, power, cardio and restoration! 

book the dietitian kitchen

Things for your soul… where or how do you find your Balance?

"Extroverted introvert "- a term I heard a few years ago and it totally resonated with me. I absolutely love working with people, meeting new people and spending time with friends and family. But I also love (and need) to factor in time for myself when I can enjoy my own company & space.

How would you describe your personal style… your #warriorstyle?

Versatile and comfortable

What do you do for fun? 

Fitness, hanging out with friends and family and trying out new food places!

womenrunning on the beach

We are: Positive-Rebellious-Passionate. What 3 words describe you?


We are strong by supporting one another… Do you have any positive advice, or words of wisdom for your fellow strong women?

One of the biggest things that has helped me both professionally and personally is having an amazing support network around me. Especially during times when my confidence is low and I am riddled with imposter syndrome.

My biggest piece of advice is to big up your bestie, your sister, your mum, your aunt, your Gran… for the little and the big things in life. You never know when they might need to hear it.

Celebrate your friend who got engaged but also the one who quit their job… celebrate the friend who is pregnant and the one who got her degree… celebrate the friend who got married but also the one who ended a toxic relationship or started a new business… or started going to therapy or moved into their own place.

You never know how powerful your words of support can be. 

Find Kerri here:

@kerrimajor_dietitian  on all social media platforms

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Here are a few more images from Kerri’s Insta… she is someone worth following!


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