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Written by Kim


Posted on June 11 2023

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Welcome to our monthly feature ‘Strong Women - Real Women’

Here we will showcase incredible women, who are out there living their passions… working hard for their beliefs and finding their own life balance. No matter the scale or the speed… they are always moving forward with positivity.


We believe that we can support and empower one another, through shared strength, respect and recognition.

Meet Jacqueline… 

I met Jax a few years ago when looking for a new yoga class…

Since then, I have enjoyed yoga classes, massage and even yoga retreats with Jax… she even helped us out recently by leading our amazing Wild Warrior yoga session… and she hasn’t missed any of our events!

Without a doubt, Jax is one of the best yoga teachers we have encountered in our many years… She is open, honest and reflective… knowledgeable, thoughtful, conscientious and passionate, she has an incredible warmth that is immediately comforting… and she is a bad-ass! 😜

Name: Jacqueline Murray


Location: Glasgow is my home ♥️



 INSTA: @jaxxyoga @sankalpayogaglasgow @landothelittlewolfpomsky

TIKTOK: @landojaxxs

FACEBOOK: @SankalpaYogaGlasgow


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I am Air Cabin Crew for Qantas the Australian National Carrier, travelling most weeks to Australia or Singapore. Along with flying I am a yoga teacher, offering bespoke 121 sessions from my  home in Glasgow. I also organise Yoga Events & retreats in Scotland and Europe. I am also a fully qualified massage therapist offering Ayurvedic, Swedish, & Deep tissue massage from a stunning boutique therapy room in my home.


Along with these three amazing jobs and by far my most important… and some would say most challenging job! is being mum to my two amazing teenage boys, Jason & Lee… and my dog Lando. If I am honest this is the best job in the world and the job I am most proud of.

No two days are ever the same! Whether I am 40,000 ft in the air taking care of my customers on their long journeys… attending to my massage or yoga 121 clients, organising yoga events & retreats, or taking care of my boys. Life is crazy & soo much fun!

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What do you have passion for? 

I am passionate about truly taking care of my mind, body & soul,  helping & supporting those around me to do the same. I have centred my career around some of my passions (yoga, meditation, massage therapy, travelling) and that feeds my soul daily. I am fascinated by the human body, mind & spirit and how best to keep it in optimum condition. I am passionate about protecting and supporting people, businesses & causes I believe in.

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Sports you practise or would like to try? How it makes you feel?


I do a LOT of walking in nature with my dog Lando. Snow, rain or hail you will find us out walking on the Braes or some other beautiful setting. Even before Lando arrived I always walked and hiked as being outside in nature is  medicine for me. It washes away the stressors & watching Lando experiencing soo much joy on these walks… just reminds you to take pleasure in the simple things in life.


I also lift weights at the gym as this helps me feel fit and strong. I find if I feel strong on the outside it helps me feel strong on the inside too!


I regularly practice yoga, I love a dynamic & challenging practice. Where I am soo focused and lost in the flow there is absolutely no space to think about anything... It’s magic & medicine for the mind body & soul!


I would love to try skiing or snowboarding, its on my list! It look’s challenging and a lot of fun and I have come to appreciate a colder climate over the last few years and definitely want to spend more time in the snow. Also I definitely want to fit in more paddle boarding & wild swimming 🤍


What do you do for fun?


Travelling, exploring new and familiar places, experiencing different cultures, food and connecting people, training and practicing yoga all over the world. At home I love to cook, bake, juice & nourish myself & family with delicious healthy food. I lift weights, practice yoga, cold water therapy and go for massages & facials.

Walking, hiking and being outdoors and immersing in nature with my dog - taking advantage of the beauty Scotland has to offer in abundance. I spend a lot of  time with my family & friends eating, drinking & just hanging.

Watching my son play football on a Saturday morning - this is by far one of my favourite things to do… it is exhilarating & exhausting all at once.

Things for your soul… where or how do you find your Balance?

Balance, the golden chalice and a daily challenge. Yoga, meditation, cold water therapy, exercise, netflix, being outside in nature, reading, laughter & spending time with my children and dog. Family & friends help to keep me grounded and feeling good.

How would you describe your personal style… your #WarriorStyle?

Sporty, simple, feminine with a touch of glamour.

We are: Positive-Rebellious-Passionate
What 3 words describe you?

Strong, Passionate, loving.

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We are strong by supporting one another… Do you have any positive advice, or words of wisdom for your fellow strong women?


  • Learn love yourself first

  • Take care of your mind body & soul as a priority

  • Do what you love

  • If you are not happy or feeling it - change it!

  • Learn to feel and trust your instincts, your gut never lies.

  • Be kind, spread Love and support each other!

  • Time is precious

  • Women are amazing!

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@jaxxyoga @sankalpayogaglasgow @landothelittlewolfpomsky

Tiktok @landojaxxs

Facebook @sankalpayogaglasgow


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