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Written by Kim


Posted on May 19 2023

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Welcome to our first ever monthly feature ‘Strong Women - Real Women’

Welcome to our first ever monthly feature ‘Strong Women - Real Women’

Here we will showcase incredible women, who are out there living their passions… working hard for their beliefs and finding their own life balance. No matter the scale or the speed… they are always moving forward with positivity.

We believe that we can support and empower one another, through shared strength, respect and recognition.

Real Women are Strong Women… They are our inspiration. 


Let us Introduce, Selina…


We met Selina a few years ago, while searching for a path to create a new business concept. Since then, she has been our sustainability guide and mentor. Helping us find our way in a sustainable fashion world and build the foundations of our brand.

Selina is our go-to sustainability expert… and now, our friend 🙂 She is calm, focussed and a real inspiration to us!

She was an easy pick to be our first featured Strong Woman…

Name: Selina Ho


Location: Currently splitting my time between London, UK and Vancouver, BC


Handles: @recloseted - on all social media platforms
@selinahalo - personal instagram


Occupation: Founder & CEO of Recloseted, the first one-stop consulting agency for sustainable fashion

women wearing black blazer smiling

What do you have passion for?

Sustainability, especially sustainable fashion!


Fashion has always been a part of my life. My mother studied fashion in Shanghai and dreamt of starting her own silk scarves line. But when my parents immigrated to Canada, she had to give up her career to raise me and my sister. Although she put her brand on hold, she sparked my love for fashion and taught me everything she knew.

Despite my love for fashion, I decided to start my career in business and marketing. I worked at Fortune 500s and startups but never felt fulfilled. Then one day at work, my blouse gave me a skin rash and I realized that the polyester fabric was irritating my sensitive skin. A quick internet search taught me that polyester was made out of crude oil (which shocked me). So, I dug deeper into the fashion industry. I went down a rabbit hole and learned about the unethical treatment of garment workers, the millions of tonnes of textile waste we send to the Global South, and everything else that is wrong with the garment industry.


That’s when I knew that I had to use my skills and expertise to help brands that deserved it and do my part to transform the fashion industry. I started Recloseted a month later and never looked back….

Sports you practise or would like to try?

I currently hike, snowboard, and play tennis. I would love to become a better swimmer so I can do more surfing and learn scuba diving though! 

What makes it good, how do they make you feel?

Being outdoors in nature and being active makes me feel alive! For instance, nothing beats the feeling of gliding through fresh powder on my snowboard or summitting a beautiful mountain peak after hiking for hours. Those are times when my mind is fully present and I don't have to think about my to-do list, work, etc.

woman working on laptop
desk with fashion fabrics

What do you do for fun? 

I enjoy travelling (currently exploring Europe with my partner). I'm a foodie (I enjoy trying new cuisines + restaurants, and cooking new recipes) and reading business + personal development books.

Things for your soul… where or how do you find your Balance?

Having suffered from burnout for years, I am now at a place where I'm a lot more aware of my mind and body. Listening to myself is really important and I do that through meditation, journaling, and yoga.

How would you describe your personal style… your #WarriorStyle?

I would say minimal, conscious chic! I love investing in classic, staple pieces for my wardrobe. Majority of the time, I end up supporting my clients' pieces :)

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We are: Positive-Rebellious-Passionate. What 3 words describe you?

Passionate, Growth, Intentional


We are strong by supporting one another… Do you have any positive advice, or words of wisdom for your fellow strong women?


Go for it! Whatever you want to do, whatever dream you have, DO IT.

Stop making excuses and take the first few steps to work towards your goal. Trust me that you won't regret doing it. because even if things don't turn out the way you hoped, you learn a lot from those experiences. -- but you will likely regret NOT doing it.

Find Selina here:


@recloseted - on all social media platforms
@selinahalo - personal instagram


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